BRIAN JOSEPH ZARDAVETS is currently employed as a Broker and/or Investment Adviser at QUESTAR CAPITAL CORPORATION located at 651 MAJESTIC EAGLE DRIVE, PONTE VEDRA, FL, 32081.


Disclosure History

BRIAN JOSEPH ZARDAVETS has 1 Disclosure Event(s).

Date: December 21, 2017
Category: Customer Dispute
Allegations: the client is alleging negligence, unsuitability, misrepresentation, failure to supervise, breach of contract, violation of the PA Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law and breach of fiduciary duty in the sale of a fixed index annuity, variable annuity, three real estate investment trusts and several exchange traded funds in 2014 and 2015.
Damage Amount Requested: $500,000.00
Broker Comment: I firmly believe this claim has no merit. I met with the client multiple times to make sure that we had identified his specific financial objectives and identified how much risk he wanted and was willing/comfortable with taking, regarding investment selection. Regarding suitability, we covered all costs and surrender/hold periods, risks and which products had contractual guarantees along with which products did not have any guarantees with regards to principle or income. We fully discussed which products were liquid and which were illiquid. At all times, I put myself in the client's shoes to act in their best interest and to make sure that product selection, implementation was suitable. Only after more than three months of interaction and the client shopping around for other advisers, did he fully understand and agree with my recommendations.

More Information

All individuals registered to sell securities or provide investment advice are required to disclose customer complaints and arbitrations, regulatory actions, employment terminations, bankruptcy filings and criminal or civil judicial proceedings.

A disclosure includes information about customer disputes, disciplinary events and financial matters on the broker's record as reported by securities regulators, the individual broker, and any involved firms. Some of these items may involve pending actions or allegations that have not been resolved or proven. The presence of a disclosure does not automatically indicate any wrongdoing.

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