GARY BRIAN SIDDER is currently employed as a Broker and/or Investment Adviser at KESTRA INVESTMENT SERVICES, LLC located at 7631 SHAFFER PARKWAY, SUITE A, SUITE 102, LITTLETON, CO, 80127.

GARY BRIAN SIDDER has worked at KESTRA INVESTMENT SERVICES, LLC since September 05, 2000

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GARY BRIAN SIDDER has 1 Disclosure Event(s).

Date: March 10, 2017
Category: Customer Dispute
Allegations: Client stated she does not understand the fees on the billing invoice. Client stated that she did not authorize the purchase of a REIT, and did not understand its liquidity.
Broker Comment: The firm reviewed the documentation and communication between the client and the registered representative. Documentation and communication clearly show that the fees on the invoice were clear, and that representative explained the fees in detail. Documentation and communication shows purchase of the REIT and its liquidity were clearly disclosed and discussed. Client reviewed and signed appropriate REIT documentation authorizing purchase. Client already owned two alternative investments - one REIT and one BDC, which were purchased approximately a year and 6 months earlier. Notes from two separate advisors confirm discussion and disclosure with client.On 11/2/17, Mr. Sidder received communication from the CFP board dismissing [customer's name] allegations as not warranting further investigation.

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All individuals registered to sell securities or provide investment advice are required to disclose customer complaints and arbitrations, regulatory actions, employment terminations, bankruptcy filings and criminal or civil judicial proceedings.

A disclosure includes information about customer disputes, disciplinary events and financial matters on the broker's record as reported by securities regulators, the individual broker, and any involved firms. Some of these items may involve pending actions or allegations that have not been resolved or proven. The presence of a disclosure does not automatically indicate any wrongdoing.

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