LYNDA GRACE SCHULTZ is currently employed as a Broker and/or Investment Adviser at MORGAN STANLEY located at 3993 HOWARD HUGHES PARKWAY, SUITE 800, LAS VEGAS, NV, 89169.

LYNDA GRACE SCHULTZ has worked at MORGAN STANLEY since November 13, 2012

Disclosure History

LYNDA GRACE SCHULTZ has 1 Disclosure Event(s).

Date: November 30, 2016
Category: Customer Dispute
Allegations: Claimants alleged, inter alia, unsuitability with respect to investments - 2008 to 2015
Damage Amount Requested: $999,750.00
Settlement Amount: $14,900.00
Broker Comment: I strongly dispute the accuracy of the allegations. My former partner served the Claimants; I had no responsibility for their accounts, and Claimants made no allegation that I was involved with their accounts in any way other than being in a partnership with their former Financial Advisor. Neither I nor my former partner did anything wrong, and my Firm decided to settle the matter for nuisance value over our strong objections. While Claimants sought over a million dollars in damages and costs, they accepted less than 1% of that amount, in essence conceding that they had no viable claim against us. My Firm did not ask us to and we did not contribute to the settlement.

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All individuals registered to sell securities or provide investment advice are required to disclose customer complaints and arbitrations, regulatory actions, employment terminations, bankruptcy filings and criminal or civil judicial proceedings.

A disclosure includes information about customer disputes, disciplinary events and financial matters on the broker's record as reported by securities regulators, the individual broker, and any involved firms. Some of these items may involve pending actions or allegations that have not been resolved or proven. The presence of a disclosure does not automatically indicate any wrongdoing.

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